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Please note in the following rate sheet the  surcharge is not currently in effect.

Blow Off Schedule


To better serve our customers we have compiled a list of information regarding the most common questions. If you have questions that you do not see an answer to here please feel free to contact us at (928) 767-3713.

The most common reasons for a high bill:

Misread: This does happen, numbers can be transposed when writing the number down and meters can be hard to read. Normally this is caught in house as the reads are entered. You can double check by checking your meter. If the read on your meter is lower than your bill contact the office for a reread.

Leaks: A running toilet or a leaking faucet can drive your bill up and be hard to detect. Sometimes the leak can be in irrigation lines in the yard and with the sandy soil hard to detect. Under mobile homes and trailers is another location that often eludes detection. To check and see if a leak is causing your high usage, shut off any running water on your property Ex: Washing machine, faucets, swamp coolers, hose bibs in yard. Then go and see if meter triangle is spinning( it may take several minutes to notice that the triangle has moved). if the triangle has moved you need to investigate for a leak.

Water Theft: Yes this does happen. We recommend hose bib locks and a locking customer shut off valve for when you are away. Please do not use the shut off on the meter as this could result in damages to the meter and charges to you the customer.

My water smells or tastes unusual:

Chlorine: Mt Tipton Water is required by ADEQ to chlorinate our water. The minimum level of chlorine in our system is 0.2 mg/l by state law. We test daily to insure safety and to keep our dosage at a minimal but effective level. The only chemical we add to our water is Chlorine which is approved by the National Safety Foundation for the treatment of drinking water. 

Swampy: If you have a swampy taste or smell to your water there are several possible culprits; One thing to look for is back siphoning from a hose on your property that is higher then the water inlet to your house Ex. A garden hose feeding your swamp cooler, or running up hill for irrigation. A simple Backflow Preventer can be installed to eliminate this issue. Another source of taste, smell and sometimes debris is the hot water heater. If your temperature is set to low on your hot water heater it could be a source of a "swampy smell" especially during the summer months when people often turn the heater down to save on energy costs. 

People who live near the end of the line can sometimes experiance some issue from water backing up at the end of the line. We have a quarterly schedule to flush the end of the lines to insure water quality.  See here for last time your street was flushed.  If you are having issues please call the office and we will be happy to do an unscheduled flushing at the end of a line. 

My water pressure is low:

You may have a leak on your property. See above for instruction how to check for a leak.

The pressure regulator could be stuck or not working.

Cloudy or milky looking water:

When a repair is done on a line in your area air can enter the line, causing the water to look milky. This is tiny air bubbles and if you allow the water to sit the air rise to the surface and disapaite. After a repair the higher your property the more  air will need to be bled from your lines.

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