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Curtailment/Restriction Plan

Summer is officially here, and the temperatures are on the rise. Conservation of water during summer months is crucial. Throughout the community and at the company office you will find a colored flag denoting where the system resides in regards to curtailment at anytime. Below are the stages and colored flags denoting the level of curtailment:


             Stage 1 (Green Flag):   


             Normal Operations - no curtailment required

            Stage 2 (Yellow Flag):  


            Water storage at 80% capacity - Customers are requested to voluntarily employ   

            water conservation measures to reduce water consumption by approximately 50%.  

            Outside watering should be limited to essential water; watering only on alternate 

            days - even - numbered addresses on even-numbered dates and odd-numbered

            addresses on odd-numbered dates - eliminating weekends and holidays

            Stage 3 ( Red Flag):

            Water storage is at 50% capacity - Customers are requested to voluntarily employ

            water conservation measures to reduce daily consumption by approx. 50%. All

            outside watering must be eliminated, except for livestock. Indoor water conservation

            techniques should be employed whenever possible.

            Stage 4 (Black Flag):

            Water storage is at 25% capacity - Customers are under a mandatory restriction to

            employ water conservation measures to reduce daily consumption. Failure to comply

            will result in customer disconnection.

            The following uses of water shall be prohibited:

            * Irrigation of outdoor lawns, trees, shrubs, etc.

            * Washing of vehicles

            * Use of water for dust control and outdoor cleaning.

            * Filling of pools, spas, fountains, or ornamental pools

            * Use of construction water.

            * Restaurant patrons shall be served water upon request only.

            * Any other water intensive activity is prohibited.




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